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Publication January 2014

A CO releasing material "Light-triggered CO release from nanoporous non-wovens" will be published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B and highlighted with the Cover picture. Congratulation to Carmen Bohlender!


Publication September 2013

A cyanide sensor from amygdalin "Allosteric indicator displacement enzyme assay for a cyanogenic glycoside" will be published in Chemistry - A European Journal and highlighted with the Inside Cover picture. Congratulation to Amilan Jose Devadoss and Martin Elstner!


Prize September 2013

Martin Elstner received the 3rd prize for his poster "On the way to a sugar computer ‒ algorithm driven approach for chemical logic gate integration" from the Fachgruppe Chemische Biologie at the GDCh Wisenschaftsforum 2013 in Darmstadt. Before the poster was chosen as "Spitzenposter" by the committee from the GDCh. Congratulation!


Evaluation May 2013

Evaluation of the Juniorprofessorship of A. Schiller after four years was positive.


Publication March 2013

A new concept for NO releasing materials "Unconventional Non-Aqueous Emulsions for the Encapsulation of a Phototriggerable NO-Donor Complex in Polymer Nanoparticles" was published in Particle (sister journal of Advanced Materials)! It was highlighted as Cover title!